Sopot Central Train Station
Curated by Kasia Sobczak for Gyoki3 Art Center
17-22 March 2021

Photos by Bogna Kociumbas

Humans train for wet survival by evolving the capacities and sensitivities of the cephalopod (octopus, squid, cuttlefish, nautilus). YOUR URGE TO BREATHE IS A LIE follows scientists, dancers, engineers, synchronized swimmers and the artist-as-freediver in their attempt to reclaim transhumanism from the singularists and evolve the human species based on the model organism of the cephalopod. Practicing Transhumanist Cephalopod Evolution [a psycho-physical training regimen for human enhancement] they train tactile awareness, shapeshifting ability and distributed intelligence. More than simply a document of training, the work aims to transcend the primacy of visual and auditory sensation in audiences’ experience of moving-image, and attempt to redirect and instigate somatic, corporeal sensation directly in the audience’s physical bodies.

Full video and credits available here

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